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Elan Basketweave Vinyl

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    Elan Basketweave Forever Marley

    Elan Basketweave by Robbins is an enhanced version of the traditional “basket-weave” sprung dance floor that has been used for decades by both professional and amateur dancers. Elan Sprung-Floor-StarBasketweave is a premium MARLEY SPRUNG DANCE FLOOR featuring a unique dual pad design consisting of resilient strips & 50 durometer pads for added vibration damping & shock absorption to increase comfort and energy. The durable Forever Marley surface is slip-resistant and strong enough to withstand the daily use of dancers. Elan Basketweave is the preferred choice for any studio or facility owner desiring a traditional dance floor with modern enhancements. Click here to learn why you should choose a Robbins floor for your next dance floor.

    Sprung Floor: Floating
    *Optional: Anchored

    Forever Marley

    3 11/16” (94mm)
    Note: System can be easily modified to achieve a different height

    Premium Marley Sprung Dance Floor for Classical, Percussive (Tap, Irish, Flamenco), Multi-Purpose, Modern, Contemporary, Ballet, Hip Hop, Swing, Belly Dancing


    • Durable Forever Marley Performance Surface: slip resistant, non-reflective, dimensionally stable surface.
    • Comfort & Safety: 50 Durometer pads for higher force reduction and deflection to soften landing.
    • Energy Absorption: dual resilient strips & pads for added vibration damping & shock absorption.
    • Uniform Resilience: triple layer stringers for uniformity and excellent area elasticity.
    • Optional Design: optional anchored design for added dimensional stability



    ELAN BASKETWEAVE FOREVER MARLEY has been tested per the ANSI E1.26 Standard