Pro Tap Wood

Pro Tap by Robbins is a premium TAP WOOD DANCE FLOOR specifically designed for tap dancing professionals. Pro Tap has a resilient subfloor that provides excellent comfort for dancers to minimize aches andSound-Absorption-Star pains on joints. Along with the highest level of comfort, the construction of Pro Tap’s sprung subfloor has been fine tuned for better sound absorption and quality. The durable solid Maple hardwood surface provides added strength to withstand the daily abuse received from tap shoes. Pro Tap is an outstanding addition to any tap dance studio that wants to protect dancers from injury and get the most out of their floor investment. Click here to learn why you should choose a Robbins floor for your next dance floor.


Sprung Floor: Floating
*Optional: Anchored

Northern Hard Maple Flooring

2 ¾” (70mm)
Note: System can be easily modified to achieve a different height

Premium Tap Wood Dance Floor for Percussive (Tap, Irish, Flamenco), Multi-purpose


  • Durable Hardwood Performance Surface: solid hardwood surface that is both durable & consistent for tap dancing.
  • Comfort & Safety: dual rubber pads and resilient strips for added vibration damping & force reduction to decrease stress on joints.
  • Minimal Dancer Disturbance: 50 durometer pads for higher force reduction and deflection properties to minimize interruption of other tap dancers.
  • Specially Profiled Hardwood Flooring: custom designed to increase flexibility and resilience for dancer safety.
  • Excellent Acoustics: engineered plywood sleepers for increased acoustics and tapping uniformity.
    *FSC® Materials Available for Purchase



PRO TAP WOOD has been tested per the ANSI E1.26 Standard

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