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Pro Tap Vinyl

Pro Tap is a premium TAP MARLEY DANCE FLOOR designed for tap dancing professionals that has a resilient subfloor to provide excellent comfort.

Le Lena B Vinyl

Le Lena B is a premium STUDIO MARLEY SPRUNG DANCE FLOOR that provides moderate force reduction and deflection to soften dancer landing.

Le Lena A Vinyl

Le Lena A is a premium CONTINUOUS MARLEY SPRUNG DANCE FLOOR with a durable vinyl surface and thick resilient pad that softens the landing of dancers.

Elan Basketweave Vinyl

Elan Basketweave is a premium Marley Sprung Dance Floor version of the traditional basket weave dance floor with added vibration damping & shock absorption.

DanzAire® Batten Vinyl

The DanzAire Batten Vinyl system is a premium batten sprung marley floor system with a proprietary modern design to create a floor with dynamic performance.

DanzAire® Vinyl

DanzAire Vinyl brings performance and quality to the highest level possible in a premium sprung marley dance floor to maximize comfort and reduce fatigue.