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Parquet for Dance

Parquet for Dance by Robbins is a solid construction of beautiful MFMA edge-grained northern hard Maple flooring, creating a classic […]

Bio-Channel® Classic Wood

The Bio-Channel® Classic Performing Arts Stage Design is the proven choice for theater and performing arts facilities. Facilities such as […]

Pro Tap Forever Marley

Pro Tap is a premium TAP MARLEY DANCE FLOOR designed for tap dancing professionals that has a resilient subfloor to provide excellent comfort.

Le Lena B Forever Marley

Le Lena B is a premium STUDIO MARLEY SPRUNG DANCE FLOOR that provides moderate force reduction and deflection to soften dancer landing.

Le Lena A Forever Marley

Le Lena A is a premium CONTINUOUS MARLEY SPRUNG DANCE FLOOR with a durable Forever Marley surface and thick resilient pad that softens the landing of dancers.

Elan Basketweave Forever Marley

Elan Basketweave is a premium Marley Sprung Dance Floor version of the traditional basket weave dance floor with added vibration damping & shock absorption.

Pro Tap Wood

Pro Tap is a premium tap wood dance floor designed for tap dancing professionals and has been fine tuned for better sound absorption and quality.

Le Lena B Wood

Le Lena B is a premium studio WOOD SPRUNG DANCE floor designed to meet the needs of almost any dance studio for almost any dance activity.

Le Lena A Wood

Le Lena A is a premium CONTINUOUS STUDIO WOOD DANCE FLOOR designed to turn any studio into a multi-purpose space for stage equipment.

Elan Basketweave Wood

Elan Basketweave is premium Wood Sprung Dance Floor with a traditional basket weave design that has been used for decades by dancers.