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Customer Testimonial- EDGE PAC



EDGE Performing Arts Center, a world renowned leader in commercial dance, chose Robbins Performing Arts as a partner in the design and development of high performance dance floors for their new state-of-the-art dance studio. Since 1894, Robbins has been the gold standard for high performance floor designs, leading the industry with a commitment to research and development in flooring technology, beyond that of any other performance flooring company.


Each of the Sprung Floor Systems installed at EDGE Performing Arts Center was specifically designed with the activity and dancer in mind. Robbins PREMIER PERFORMING ARTS FLOORING SYSTEMS will benefit the dancer with high levels of: Enhanced Comfort, Uniformity of Performance, Consistent Friction, and High Force Reduction.


Bill Prudich, Owner, EDGE PAC, Los Angeles, CA


“The floors that we have at EDGE are the best anywhere. Each system is designed with a certain discipline in mind. Students are really enjoying the feel of the floors. They talk about less fatigue in their legs and how soft the landings from their jumps have become. I know that the dancers appreciate floors that support them. Hard flooring makes it very difficult to attract the professional teachers and dancers to our facility. And rehearsals also benefit from a floor that makes long rehearsals easy on bodies.”


“Both Robbins and Pacific Floor provided excellent service. Their knowledge is unparalleled and they presented us with the most up-to-date systems available. They were friendly and listened carefully to our needs. Both teams worked very diligently to provide us with the exact flooring we requested. Their rep was very courteous and helpful. He worked with us, not just for us. Highly recommend. We are proud of our association with Robbins and Pacific Floors.”


Robbins dance floors installed at EDGE PAC:

Studio 1: DanzAire
Studio 2: DanzAire
Studio 3: Elan Basketweave
Studio 4: DanzAire Batten
Studio 5: Pro Tap